Lighting Hire

At party On The Grass we use the latest in L.E.D. and colour mixing technology. Our lighting fixtures can can transform your space with an array of different colours We can supply Up-Lighters for your marquee, architectural floods for enhancing your location, and strings of tiny white lamps to decorate the arches. For a detailed quote and consultation please contact us by email or telephone and we will be happy to talk through your options. Our lighting is simple and stand alone so you can have amazing lights in the evening with out the worry of complex systems.

Electrical Installation

One of the most common considerations to forget when organising your event is the  power supply to all the areas that require it. The bar fridges, caterers, band, Dj, heaters, Car park lights, all may require a supply. We can calculate your exact requirements, and install a safe, weather proof cabling system that you wont be able to see, as the installation can be integral to the laying of the flooring.


All our staging is selected fit the Capri Marquee, making the best use of space.  You can choose a variety of sizes to suit your needs. The Stage is dressed in a fabric skirt and can be supplied with lighting.

Bar Furniture

Our bars are smart brushed aluminium. They provide a simple and versatile serving area, while adding a colourful sparkle to the party by reflecting the light and shadows off it’s shinny surface.


Our braziers are a great addition to keep the chill away in the evening. Just load with logs and burn all night. Built tall so the smoke does not blow into your guests faces and eyes. Shaped like rockets with star cutouts.

Garden Games

We supply a range of quality wooden garden games. Including, Skittles, Crochet, and Giant Jenga. Each game costs just £10 to hire. Please enquire when ordering your marquee or canopy.


Well what can you say about bunting? You love it or hate it. But you can’t argue that it brings a certain element of summer fun to anyones party. If you want a quick and simple way to dress your space we can fit your bunting for you while we erect the marquee. The bunting is available in the four colours below. It is made of a weather proof synthetic material that has the satisfying look of cotton when it flaps in the wind.

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